Biscayne National Park, Florida

Crocodiles are any species belonging to the family Crocodylidae. Their classification name can include all members of their order like caimans and alligators. They can also be found in fresh water bodies like big lakes, large rivers and wetlands. Their existence dates back to 200 million years and survived the wonderful extinction unlike the dinosaurs that became extinct 65 million years ago.

Crocodiles are hunters and await unsuspecting or fish land animals to come close to their habitats. They then attack by the use of their tails that are hooked and very strong. The animals consume their predators without chewing. The digestion is done through the secretion of strong bile acid which will help ease food absorption. They also swallow stones called gastroliths that act as ballast to help their bodies in crashing food. They have a very slow metabolism and can survive long periods without eating. They can attack big sea creatures like sharks and kill them.

Crocodiles are extremely dangerous to man. Though they can’t keep up with the individual’s speed, they can attack so swiftly before a person can react. The most dangerous of these animals include Saltwater and the Nile Crocodiles that kill tens of thousands of humans each year in Africa and South-east Asia. The Nile crocodiles are natives of several African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Sudan and many others. The Saltwater are common in Asian countries. However a species called Mugger Crocodiles and Black Caiman are very dangerous to humans.


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